About – North Wales Chapter

The 3 Days Tour of Wales

2013 – Alan Sullivan, and Dave Hughes wanted to do something to raise money for Combat Stress and at the same time raise the profile of this worthwhile but underfunded charity.  As they were both keen bikers, they decided to organise a 3 Day Tour of Wales and a Charity Concert for 300 people in May 2013; as a result of both of these events a total of £15,600.00 was raised for Combat Stress.  Several of the Riders who took part on this tour were members of the Widows Sons MBA from various Chapters around the UK, and they got talking to those North Wales Masons on the run.

2014 – Following on from the success of the 2013 run, a small group of the Masons involved in the original run, organised another 3 Day Tour of Wales, along with another charity night. This time raising a total of £14,000 for Combat Stress. As in the previous year, the run was supported by members of the Widows Sons MBA from across the UK. During the Run it was suggested that maybe we should think about forming a North Wales Chapter.

Behind the Scenes Work

After the 2014 Tour of Wales was finalised, Work was started on forming a North Wales Chapter.

We contacted the Head Office of the Widows Sons MBA, and some of the Members who had joined on the tours for advice. We were given a Mentor to help us with the work necessary in setting up a chapter.

Permission was sought and received from the Province of North Wales, and the United Grand Lodge of England.

Information about the formation of the new chapter were sent to all Lodge Secretaries in North Wales to be passed on to interested brethren.


Founded: Monday 10th November 2014

After several months of work, on Monday the 10th November the founders meeting was held, Officers were proposed and elected for the inaugural year of the chapter.

During the 2015 Nation Rally (24th-26th July 2014) Our President received out official Charter from the Widows Sons Masonic Bikers Association.