Saturday the 1st July (1-7-17) saw the Provincial Grand Lodge of North Wales host their “BIG PARTY” to celebrate the tercentenary of the worlds first Grand Lodge in 1717 (see what they did there)

As part of the Provincial Celebrations the North Wales Chapter were asked if we wanted to take part with our own stall, which they gave us pretty much in the centre of the event (I think it was because of our fame after the Sky Documentary). So being the shy retiring people that we are, we pitched a huge marquee with our banner on it, and parked several bikes for the public to drool over and have photographs taken with (or on)

All in all the day was a huge success with countless people coming over to reminisce about bikes they had in their past, or bikes they currently have, or wish they had if their wives would let them. (we may have been responsible for several matrimonial conflicts over the day)

More photographs can be seen in our Gallery.