Saturday 13th May 2017 at 8am member of the North Wales Chapter assembled at Measgwyn Hall Mold Road Wrexham, along with a collection of Classic & Vintage cars, for the start of the Kenyon Lodge Around Wales Charity Run.

The Idea of the Run is for some Brethren from Kenyon Lodge No 6210 to drive a 1963 Wolseley 1500 completely around Wales to help raise money for charity.They will also be showing the Car along with its livery & Advertising at events and shows from April to November to raise funds for the Masonic Charitable Foundation..

Councillor John Pritchard the Mayor of Wrexham saw off the event, which saw the Widows sons leaving as part of the motorcade with the various other vehicles to see the Wolseley off on its way, and to accompany it for the first leg of its route, before breaking off for the important task of having a greasy breakfast.