Brother, do you ride a motorcycle?

Then the Widows Sons Masonic Bikers Association (WSMBA) would like to hear from you!

The members of the Widows Sons of Great Britain invite all MASTER MASONS of good standing to join with other like-minded individuals for ride outs, Easter Egg runs, rallies, charitable fund raising and many other social events.

Membership criteria for full membership is to be a freemason in good standing, hold a full motorcycle licence and own a roadworthy bike that can keep up with the group rides. We have members throughout the country, and within the UK there are several Chapters serving their local Masonic communities.

For further Information, or to join, please email contact AT

Recent News

Congratulations to our Road Captain

On Saturday October the 8th our Road Captain [Welsh-Nev] received his first honours at the Provincial meeting. The members of the North Wales Chapter of the Widows Sons would like to wish him many Congratulations!!!

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A Welsh Adventure Plus Magical Mystery Tour

Our 3 Day "Welsh Adventure" was a huge success. Everyone who took part had a great time, saw some amazing scenery, had loads of laughs along the way. And Most importantly raised some money for Blood Bikes (We will give a total figure raised when we finish counting it...

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Ride Out (Sep 18th 2016) [Pigsy]

Realising that the weather was going to be perfect for a ride today and after a flurry of calls and the odd text message I managed to organise a few of the usual suspects into an impromptu ride out. So the time was set - 10:00, the venue - the Ponderosa and the ride...

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A Welsh Adventure – Countdown

Widows Sons North Wales Present “A Welsh Adventure” For North Wales Blood Bikes     Two Weeks to go! This year we will be doing a Three day ride around Wales in aid of  North Wales Blood Bikes  (You can read more about the great work Blood Bikes do below.) The dates...

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The NWC Helps support #TeamNolan

On Sunday the 14th August the North Wales Chapter, along with Blood Bikes North Wales, Dinas Wolfpack, Wrexham Riders, and some other Groups got together to go support a young boy called Noah. Noah was diagnosed with clear cell sarcoma 12 months ago and as a result...

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National Blood Bike Awareness Day

Friday 12th August 2016 is National Blood Bike Awareness Day. Blood bikes are the silent emergency service, transporting blood for blood transfusions, injuries and emergency responses for emergency services, the NHS and other medical services. These unsung heroes are...

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